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ACCAOutdoor design Francesco Rota

The H-shape structure of the top and leg detail of this new table, designed by Francesco Rota, gives the piece its name ‘ACCA’ (H is pronounced “acca” in Italian). The table has been designed in response to the increasing demands for flexible workspaces, hot desking and a more fluid and connected work style.

 ACCA is available with several top options and  it is suitable for many functions in an office: single workstations or for multiple users, meeting rooms or hub areas. The tops can be finished with rectangular or curved ends. The ACCA table system can also be used in a modular way, using linking legs to form larger configurations.

ACCA is smart. All options can be fitted various wiring devices, cable ports and sockets under the table top, and wireless recharging for smartphones.

Family of tables with diecast aluminium base and metal legs powder coated black or white. Available in two fix height or height adjustable with electrical mechanism. Top in several finishes. The height adjustable version can be activated by a button or bluetooth via smartphone. Power 110-220 V or lithium battery. Safety system with automatic stop of the movement.