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PLUSOutdoor design Francesco Rota

Soft form and easy modularity are the characteristics of the new seating system design by Francesco Rota.

A real alternative to the successful ADD seating system – also designed by Francesco Rota, –  PLUS despite being another modular system, is different both in terms of form and function.

A classical sofa for home or a combination of different elements for lounge areas, PLUS offers many possible configurations for a comfortable solution with a sober elegance by Lapalma.

PLUS system perfectly fit with the curved shape of SCREEN partition that can be used also as backrest in his lower version.  PLUS can also be fitted with an upholstered backrest either standing on the floor and fitted to the back of the seats or neater backrests attached directly to the seat.

For a greater comfort, loose cushions can be added: OORT designed by Francesco Rota are flexible, comfortable, and available in 5 sizes.

Modular seating system with elements in fire-resistant foam and different density, that can be linked. The units are available in several depth and two heights and are upholstered with removable fabric. Backrests and armrests can be added as well as the SCREEN partitions.