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SCREENOutdoor design Francesco Rota

Its research into the latest and upcoming developments of the light-office has led lapalma to 360° planning, offering solutions to architects and interior designers characterized by versatility, precision and concreteness.

SCREEN, a collection of partitions designed by Francesco Rota, was expressly designed after realizing that the office environment has increasingly become an open-space, where operations and management share the space with lounge areas, break out areas and meeting rooms.

This innovative element defines each area, providing it with the proper degree of privacy. It has a frame of aluminum section that arches for free standing and is available in 3 heights: the shortest height (about 80 cm) was designed to be integrated into the PLUS sofa-system, the medium size (about 120 cm) serves low-seating environments, whereas the highest version (about 160 cm) allows privacy also when people are standing. 

Being modular, SCREEN grants great freedom in composing. Moreover, the choice of materials (wood tubes and upholstery of fabric) lets you personalize. SCREEN has thus become a piece of interior design, aiming at creating an intimate spot in a domestic environment or in a collective area.

System of free standing screens with metal frame powder coated and metal tubes veneered in blanched oak or black stained, or panel in fire-retardant polyurethane upholstered with fabric. The partitions can be easily linked with magnets to create flowing lines or reconfigurable partitions for temporary privacy area in open spaces.