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IMM 2018 15-21 gennaio 2018


Lapalma presents at the international furniture fair in Cologne the result of an accurate reflection on new ways of designing the living and contract spaces, in favour of an increasing interaction between the areas.

Hybrid spaces are recognized as the established new model to meet the latest needs of a new way of life focused on mobility and eclecticism. Home, office and hotel talk together in perfect harmony with the new working habits of people always connected and active all day, even while travelling.

The contemporary professional reality, based on mobility and smart working, overcomes the traditional concept of workplace, meaning office, opening up instead to a more versatile system of spaces, designed to fitly accommodate new technologies and new habits.

And while the hotels begin to offer working spaces and the offices re-configure themselves to give more comfortable zones, homes become smart: open, comfortable, re-configurable if necessary.

New scenarios that need modular systems which are integrated, accessorized and, last but not least, comfortable.

Enter PLUS, the new seating system by Francesco Rota, that stands out with its softened shapes and a free combination of elements. Comprising five seats shapes and two different heights, the system is completed with backrests of two different lengths, an armrest and a comfortable table, also placed between one seat and another, available with top in hpl Fenix® or wood where a power supply can be inserted to charge smart phones, tablets and notebooks.

PLUS is presented in Cologne in two compositions that highlight the innate versatility of the project. The first one, more classic, unveils a corner sofa with island, covered in light grey fabric. Combined with two AUKI lounge armchairs by Hee Welling - in a warm brown fabric and with wooden base, this proposal recreates, together with the coffee tables JEY and ADD by Francesco Rota and AUKI, design Hee Welling, an elegant domestic living room.

The second composition, at the centre of the room, plays freely with shapes and colours, suggesting the widest and easiest configuration possibilities offered by the system. The coffee- table, with central sockets inserted in the table top and wireless recharging, recalls the concept of smart home, making it the perfect proposal for hotels and offices lounge areas.

And PLUS is available as a rectangular or square pouf of two different heights, for an even more free positioning and use.

The exhibition area of Lapalma at IMM also features the ACCA table by Francesco Rota.  Characterized by a two column legs, which rest on a light and tapered die-cast aluminium base, it is designed to support different depths, allowing suitable configurations to multiple needs.

ACCA is smart. The height adjustable version can be activated by a Bluetooth or an app mechanism according to requirements. It can also be equipped with electrification, through a cable ports and three-block connector under the top for fixed stations, central sockets under the top for mobile workstations, tablets or notebooks and wireless recharging for mobile phones.

Designed in response to the increasing demands for flexible workspaces, at IMM Cologne ACCA is presented in a variant that gives a nod to the domestic environment, with an important thickness and solid wood edges, moulded to obtain an elegant and soft tapered shape.

Among the news displayed at the Fair, also the new square and rectangular tops designed for the eclectic height adjustable YO table, designed by Romano Marcato.

But that is not all. Lapalma space alternates, around a central area, different rooms which are delimited by SCREEN dividing panels and ADD S storage modules, both designed by Francesco Rota.

From the elegant dining area where the CUT small armchairs by Francesco Rota find a place around the ADD T table, here proposed with a square oak top, to a classic lounge area featuring the AUKI chairs by Hee Welling, combined with the KIPU poufs by Anderssen & Voll, the BRIO coffee-tables by Romano Marcato and the UNO armchair by Francesco Rota, for the first time proposed in an ultra-comfortable leather version.

Finally, two unmissable "high" zones, where Lapalma's must-haves play a leading role.

The first one features RYO, the seat with support function designed by Enzo Berti, and the iconic MIUNN stools by Karri Monni. Characterized by an enveloping shell shape, MIUNN is presented at IMM in a brand-new version with wooden legs. The BRUNCH table by Romano Marcato - a system that allows maximum freedom of composition, thanks to different heights and central modules that combine into three directions - is also a main star of the space.

In the second “high” zone, one of Lapalma’s classic -for contract and not only - the LEM stool by 

Shin & Tomoko Azumi, couples, in an elegant all-black version, with the versatile BRIO tables by Romano Marcato. In the same space, RYO and LAB - the stool designed by Karri Monni with a light line and anatomic and flexible back support - alternate along PANCO, the modular system of high tables, also by Romano Marcato, recreating a corner bar where chilling out, or an informal work area.

At IMM a proposal for the “smart” home fitting the latest living trends. Sober, elegant and comfortable, in full Lapalma style.