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Feria Hábitat Valencia 2017 19-22 settembre 2017

lapalma is glad to exhibit at Habitat fair, the main showcase for creativity, innovation and design in Spain.

It is lapalma’s opportunity to present the public of professionals, interior designers and architects visiting Valencia its furniture collections characterized by sober elegance and a crossover vision (residential and contract) that have allowed the 40-year-old company to get important international recognitions.

The booth, which was designed by the art director Francesco Rota, shows how eclectic lapalma’s proposal is: low, medium-height and high elements alternate revealing the three souls of the company.

In the middle of the exhibiting space there is a system that sticks out for its versatility: ADD system by Francesco Rota, a 360° modular proposal that puts together the seating (ADD), the table (ADD-T) and the storage (ADD-S), allowing completely free composing and personalizing.

This project started with the ADD seating system, awarded with several recognitions: it consists of a modular structure – a frame made by extruded aluminum profiles linked by aluminum joints and die-cast aluminum legs – where you can put panels, seat-pads, backrests and other equipment, thus offering a variety of possible combinations, so as to meet architects’ most challenging requirements both in the contract and in the residential market.

The seating system has been continuously improved by means of new solutions and equipment, until it expanded comprising first a table system (ADD T) and then a storage system (ADD S). ADD S is characterized by the same versatility as the seating system, allowing a number of arrangements, since you can combine several metal modules in 3 different height, all 45 cm deep: it is perfect to store and organize any personal belongings, books or files. The ADD system is the right answer to the latest needs of the market: if the contract was looking for versatile, refined, essential proposals, the ADD system puts together lapalma’s great design and manufactural abilities, from the first steps of the project to the last phases of an accurate industrial production.

The ADD system is presented in Valencia as an arrangement of cabinets in 3 different height – with or without front door –  together with a square table with blanched-oak top and a sofa, dividing the space into two different areas. 

The first area is a prime example of light office: it is a new kind of office, meeting the new requirements of work, since it offers modular solutions that can adapt to the existing architecture and are wellness-oriented.  A square table stands in the middle; different medium-seating opportunities around that show the versatility of lapalma’s collection: Francesco Rota chairs UNO - on castors as a task chair and CUT - as a chair for meeting rooms but also for a living room; MIUNN by Karri Monni in its welcoming shell – here completely made of blanched oak;  RYO height-adjustable stool – designed by Enzo Berti – as a versatile element for break-out, conversation and waiting zones. The latest proposal for high-seating working areas, instead, consists of one of the bestsellers by lapalma, BRUNCH table (Romano Marcato design), in combination with LAB stools, designed by Karri Monni. The high-seating is separated from the rest thanks to SCREEN partitions (Francesco Rota design):  these design elements define the space and grant the proper degree of privacy to the working people.

The second area of the booth focuses on low-seating: the lounge.  For the first time PLUS is being exhibited in Spain: it is a new modular seating system designed by Francesco Rota, characterized by soft form and easy modularity. PLUS is the ideal proposal for lounge or break-out areas in the hospitality sector (hotel, etc) and also for the residential market (refined interiors). It is a real alternative to ADD, being they different both in form and function. The composition displayed in Valencia is a square sofa which turns out to be an excellent example of modularity. The arrangement becomes even more interesting thanks to UNO lounge chair and AUKI - expressly designed by Hee Welling to enrich the lounge collection.

Other products that could not miss on lapalma booth are: KIPU ottomans by Anderssen & Voll – informal islands in the lounge -  as well as the crossover side-tables JEY by Francesco Rota and YO  by Romano Marcato.