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IMM 2017 cologne 16-22 gennaio 2017

Clean, essential lines as well as a minimalist elegance and an excellent manufacturing technique are not the only keywords for lapalma at IMM Cologne. In fact, lapalma is revealing a warmer spirit through products that meet the most challenging requirements of the contract market but, at the same time, are perfect for refined contemporary interiors. As a result, the barriers between different areas in planning fall down and “crossover” products become most likely the case. lapalma, being specialized in the contract, has managed to industrialize such flexibility by means of modular systems adapting to the existing architectural elements. The latest news, all displayed at immCologne, follow the path that began in 2014 with ADD, a versatile system of modular seating –frames of die-cast aluminum profiles linked by steel joints- designed by Francesco Rota and awarded with several recognitions. Lapalma’s booth leads the attention to the matter, thus showing the warmer side of the brand and the latest products. The first topic is the improvement of the ADD system through the ADD-T tables and the ADD-S storage units. UNO seating system by Francesco Rota is going to be a further theme at immCologne. The basic idea is to start from one single shell and, thanks to different seatbacks, upholstery and finishing, offer a wide range of products. Francesco Rota also designed SCREEN, not a simple collection of partitions, but a real piece of interior design. As a matter of fact, it is a modular system too, since magnets link different elements together, and it is available in a number of finishing. SCREEN aims at personalizing as creating an intimate spot in a domestic environment or  in a collective area.Lapalma’s booth, designed by the art director Francesco Rota, consists basically of 7 areas. These little spots portray the dining room, the living room, the sitting room as well as any informal area where some lapalma “classics” are reinterpreted through new upholstery, finishing or combinations particularly suitable to the home.So many concrete ideas are being presented by lapalma, which will characterize the home with the sober essentiality that distinguishes the brand.