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Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 4-9 aprile 2017

Lapalma is presenting its proposals for the Light Office, the results of a survey on the new approach to the workplaces and their new interpretations.

For some time now, both the office culture and its planning move around the idea of flexibility and well-being. Not just in office; nowadays we work at home, in an airport, in unexpected places but always connected.

These new habits mean to live in workplaces, often open spaces, with a new flexibility and an increasing need of comfort: by changing the place according to the task, looking for privacy if concentration is needed, meeting with colleagues around large tables or relaxing in a lounge area. The office is getting smarter and smarter, by offering modular solutions, configurable and focused on the well-being.

In the stand designed by the art director Francesco Rota, Lapalma is presenting products and systems specifically born for this new way of living in the office, exploring new shades of colours and materials, highlighted by unusual and elegant combinations. Also, Lapalma is proposing new smart accessories on the tables (cabling, wireless charger, etc.) for technological devices.

First of all, ADD modular system, designed by Francesco Rota for the contract market: a system that matches seating, tables and storage units with a free configuration and customization. Showed as a preview at Orgatec, ADD system is displayed with new configurations that are an answer to the many request coming from the office world.

Totally new is the ACCA table, designed by Francesco Rota, conceived to satisfy the new need in the contemporary office. Versatile, height adjustable and smart, ACCA is a flexible workplace, light and connected.

The art director of Lapalma designed also the new seating system PLUS, for the first time shown to the international public of Salone del Mobile. It is the ideal proposal for lounge areas for the hospitality sector and the residential market. The seating is wide, deep and generous; the new concept is about softness and big-heartedness rounded shapes. For a greater comfort, loose cushions can be added: OORT designed by Francesco Rota are flexible, comfortable, and available in 5 sizes.

Among the new items, RYO stool designed by Enzo Berti. An original piece of furniture, rather than a real seat. RYO is a leaning aid, with a de-stressing action, perfect for a conversation room, waiting area, thanks to its freedom of use and adaptability in every working environment (both public and residential).

For this Salone, the partition system SCREEN is enriched by a range of accessories, conceived for the working area designed around a person. All these accessories, (pens holder, blackboard, book-holder, coat-hanger, etc.) are obtained from a single metal sheet, bent and without welding, white or black powder coated and shaped to be hanged on the top frame of the SCREEN. Even more: a new linking system “cube” shaped with magnet is available, which offers the possibility of new configurations on four axis. SCREEN partition can also be freestanding, thanks to the options of simple flat metal feet.

On the Lapalma’s stand news are alternated to icons of the brand for a coherent and complete proposal, always oriented to crossover products studied for a high flexibility in the projects. The display is basically divided in 3 areas, delimited by panels in white perforated metal sheet. A solution that offers open spaces yet clearly independent.