London 2014 20-22 maggio 2014

Lapalma will take part at Clerkenwell Design Week (London, 20-22 May 2014) presenting its long journey and telling a story of many models – stools, chairs, tables, seating systems – of which some have become real icons, like the LEM stool, the unique best-seller from Shin & Tomoko Azumi in 2000.

A constant evolution, with continual research into new products and materials, many different proposals yet linked by the same clean and essential line. This is Lapalma’s signature. A reinterpretation of unusual combinations of fabric, metals, wood, leather and eco-leather.

The new approach started more than a year ago under the artistic direction of Francesco Rota. This process has been energized by a dynamic exploration to move into different spaces, studying different heights and systems of seating: from stools to chairs and tables and extending into lower seating.

The result has been to develop furniture pieces for new spaces with seating units focused on comfort.  The aim is to enrich the collection in a coherent and forward-thinking way to give a complete offer with new products and families, developed with a fresh spirit, a visionary yet tangible approach.

The exploration of the lounge area, started by Lapalma and displayed to the public at the Salone in Milan becomes real with some new products: the modular sofa and bench system ADD, is an extremely flexible project by Francesco Rota, thought to satisfy the high demand for contract seating. Again for the lounge area, the seating units KIPU designed by Anderssen & Voll are informal “islands” in corporate environments and homes.

To enhance the high seating options, LAB is the new project by Karri Monni: a multi-functional technical stool that offers an original alternative to the common office stools.