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Here at Lapalma, we have always shown a commitment to the environment, from the way we run our factory through to the materials that we use in it. We select only FSC-certified timber from sustainable sources, employ 100% recyclable raw materials - wood, steel, plywood panels and fabrics - and make minimum use of plastics.

Every single one of our products can potentially be turned back into raw material through disassembly and recycling. Concern for the environment is an intrinsic part of Lapalma’s operations and is a value that is embraced by the whole company. As a result of our efforts, German certification body TüV has certified our production system to EN ISO 9001 standard for efficiency and quality and to EN ISO 14001 standard for environmental compatibility.

Our new headquarters (11,200 square meters, soon to be expanded) has been designed with photovoltaic panels on the roof, meaning we not only produce sufficient energy for our operations, but also generate a surplus which is fed back into the national grid. Our efforts to minimize environmental impact by cutting CO2 emissions and to continue investing in innovation are challenges we face each day with renewed commitment and passion.