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Craftsmanship and industry.

Lapalma has always championed traditional wood and metalworking methods and techniques. Its quality designs of chairs, lounge chairs, stools and tables produced in series are sold all over the world and combine the advantages of industrial production with an attention to detail. At Lapalma, craftsmanship is married to the speed, precision and efficiency offered by the latest industrial technology in a typically Italian blend of passion for quality and business culture. So while machine tools are employed to produce the framework of individual elements, the finishing, assembly and packing are all done by hand. Subsequently, every single piece is subjected to visual and manual inspections to ensure total quality control. At Lapalma, seriality and uniqueness - two concepts that appear to be diametrically opposed - are both defining characteristics of a strong company identity.

Research and technology.

Lapalma invests a great deal of resources in improving the efficiency and the quality of its production methods. We invest in cutting-edge equipment and machinery, which is harnessed in a continuous effort to find innovative solutions, and consider even the most challenging and complex of products as an opportunity to take the state of the art forward. Lapalma is a brand, but first and foremost it is a place of work and a laboratory, whose strengths are the skills and know-how of expert craftsman who share with the company’s founders a commitment and a passion for their work that is transmitted to all who work at here.